Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Danish Energy Sector

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The PhD project is about strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in the Danish Energy Sector. The actors in the energy sector face important strategic decisions in relation to climate change, renewable energy and depletion of fossil resources. SEA is in this situation an important tool for integration of environment in the decisions.

The project is co-funded by (who is responsible for developing the major energy infrastructure in Denmark) and the point of departure is implementation of SEA in The project therefore has two parallel and interdependent purposes: Contribute to the development of a SEA methodology adapted to the unique characteristics of the energy sector on the basis of SEA literature and contribute to the SEA literature on the basis of the experiences gained in the project.

The research approach is based on participation and inspired by the action research tradition. The first year of the project will be with daily work space in's head office in Erritsø with participation in planning and assessment processes.

Special weight is put on the importance of the context which SEA is applied in and the importance of social interaction in and around SEA processes.

The theoretical frame for the project includes theory on decision-making (especially March), learning and knowledge (Argyris, Chiva, Choo), and especially Weick's theories on sensemaking and organizing.

Effective start/end date01/08/200806/11/2011


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  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • SEA
  • energy
  • energy sector
  • Weick
  • March
  • miljø


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