<strong>Effect of PBL on students learning in international programs</strong>- <strong>An across culture study </strong>

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 Previous research has documented positive effect of PBL on students learning in different social cultural contexts. However, these studies have mainly been focused on single country /educational institution as cultural background. Evidence of positive effect of PBL as a student centered learning environment on students learning in engineering education have been mainly limited to Western based learning context and culture. There is a need for more knowledge and information about effect of PBL on students with diversity of backgrounds. Also needs to be investigated is the function of PBL in different social cultural context.


Based on this, a comparison comparative study is carried out to investigate effect of PBL on students learning in international study programs in different social cultural contexts. The first focus will be laid on students experiences in a PBL environment when they study in an international program. Based on the hypothesis that PBL environment will have a positive impact on different aspects of students learning process, another focus of the study is to examine the possibly occurring change process of students learning regarding their perceptions of learning, motivation, attitudes and strategies in the learning process in a PBL setting.


The across country and university comparison will allow for an analysis of practice of PBL in relation to the social cultural environment of learning. And the ultimate goal of this study is to explore strategies for improving teaching and learning in international programs in a PBL based engineering education. And to provide suggestions for establishing constructive and friendly learning environment where students can develop not only professional skills but also social skills so as to prepare themselves for working in an international context.

Effective start/end date01/09/200729/02/2008


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