International Architectural Workshop


    Performative Architecture - between Herritage and Experiment"

    Activities: The Performative Architecture Workshop 2008 comprised the following activities:

    1. Open lectures by internationally acknowledged researchers and architects that theoretically and empirically illuminated the subject by way of international examples and the results of their own research.

    2. A five-day workshop led by three teams ofacknowledged architects.

    3. Public hearings. Presentations were held highlighting the results of the workshop (intermediate results and finished products), and a panel of local representatives within building and planning answered questions regarding the future expansion of the harbour, the quality of the construction, etc.

    4. Local television produced features on the workshop by interviewing participants, professionals and citizens.

    5. Final exhibitions (2008- 2009).

    6. A book (may 2009)

    7. Research Conference (May 2009).

    These are all activities that complement each other. The results from the different sub-elements - theoretical articles, case studies, descriptions of context, descriptions of method and design proposals - will presented in this book such that the very different contributions are brought into dialogue with each other. They will deliberately be juxtaposed so that they make up a theoretical, methodological or design context for the other contributions.

    Effective start/end date01/09/200630/04/2010


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