<strong>"Good polity" - state formation in Northern Jutland during the age of absolutism</strong>

  • Mührmann-Lund, Jørgen (Project Participant)

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    The goal of the project is to examine the interplay between the state og the local communities, the authorities and the subjects in the age of abolutism in a couple of jurisdictions in Northern Jutland.
    I'm inspired by recent european and especially german research in the formation of the early modern state. During that period the ambition of the princes was to install order or "good polity" in every aspect of life. The attitude of the subjects to this ambition is much disputed. Traditionally the expansion of state regulation was seen as a onesided proces of disciplining "from above". However, studies of local communities inspired by the microhistorical turn has shown, that the early modern state was not always capable of enforcing its will and more influenced by the public opinion than earlier assumed. The goal of my project is to examine this problem.
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