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The purpose of the U-Drive:IT project is to examine how the IT industry and related businesses in the Scandinavian countries work with user-driven innovation. The project also aims at examining how these methods and principles can be adapted to other lines of business. Thus, it is the purpose of the project as well as - its method - to investigate and analyze the various methods, traditions, and applications for user-driven innovation. As part of the project a Nordic network for user-driven innovation has been established.

The project title is an acronym for "User-Driven Innovation Transfer" thus implying the project vision of supporting knowledge and competence transfer between knowledge environments, the industry, and the surrounding community. At the same time, the abbreviation "U-Drive:IT" points at "you" as the user who controls and develops IT, computers, and software.

Effective start/end date01/01/200830/08/2009


  • Nordisk InnovationsCenter (NICe)


  • IT
  • userdriven innovation
  • user centred design
  • udriveit


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