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The project focuses on stimulating SMEs' data-imagination and associated competencies. The project will create knowledge about how small and medium-sized enterprises can understand, utilize and learn from their data. The researchers and SME staff will collaborate to investigate what kind of data is relevant and how to make this, often qualitative, data the subject of computational thinking and processing. The project explores how various smaller enterprises can collaborate and share knowledge supported by IT, and the collaboration will take place online. The project will generate a white paper and ideas for courses, incl. case descriptions for dissemination and teaching.

The research and development project is supported by IT-vest and is carried out in collaboration between the research groups at ILD-lab, IT and Learning Design at the Department of Culture and Learning (L-ILD) and at the Department of Communication and Psychology (K-ILD), and Techno-anthropology research group (TANT and TANT-lab) from the Department of Culture and Learning.
Effective start/end date01/07/2020 → …


  • SME
  • Data imagination
  • Computational thinking
  • Datasprint
  • sharing experience
  • Online collaboration
  • competence development
  • Videomediated collaboration


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