Supercooling and Dynamic Temperature Control of Power Electrics

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Current power electronic devices suffers number of drawbacks. High operation temperature prevents increasing current through the module and temperature oscillation reduces lifetime of power electronic modules. Moreover, conventional heavy and bulky heat sinks reduce cooling efficiency and system flexibility; therefore, temperature of power electronic cells cannot be managed independently. This project presents a proactive method, showing promising potential, to address all of these challenges in a single micro-structured and hybrid power electronic device. This project proposes a novel temperature control solution to overcome thermal overloading constraint in power electronics, as well as to enable much more dynamic and effective thermal management than current technologies.
Effective start/end date01/05/201931/12/2020


  • Aalborg University: DKK499,928.00


  • Thermoelectric Supercooling
  • Power Electronics
  • Temperature Management


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