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With the introduction of a supplemental power generation product SerEnergy will leverage on years of technological development towards significant and scalable commercial success.

Currently several major operators are requesting specific products specs and trials of a Methanol fuel RMFC product to replace Diesel generators powering telecommunication equipment.

The HT PEM based RMFC product has clear advantages over diesel generators and other methanol based fuel cell technology in terms of electrical efficiency, temperature compliance and ease of implementation/installation.

The supplemental power generation product will give following benefits:
- Low fuel costs
- Low fuel consumption
- No preventive maintenance
- Significantly lower CO2 emission
- No emission of health damaging particles
- Compliance with legislation
- Low noise
- Ability to be completely integrated with current solution

The CO2 emission of a diesel generator will be reduced comparatively by up to 70% using the RMFC solution in a hybrid configuration. In addition to this no particle or sound emissions will be directed to the often urban surroundings.

With low volume pricing the RMFC solution will have a lower lifecycle cost compared to diesel generators this will enable a good portion of the market including regulatory demands set forward in e.g. India for green decentralized power provision.

The Supplemental Power generation product will be commercially launched in 2017 after a development and trial period to several regions where grid power is not precent or undstable.

The project will entail close collaboration in the development and trial phase with end customers and operators currently engaged in a dialogue for the feasibility of the final commercial product.
Effective start/end date01/07/201401/03/2017

Collaborative partners

  • SerEnergy (Project partner)


  • EUDP: DKK20,555,601.00


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