Survivability and Performance Measures

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The requirements for a process control system are usually derived from top level requirements to the entire system, which could involve requirement to such measures as economical cost, reliability, availability, survivability, and dependability. The aim of this PhD study is to investigate how the selection and placement of sensors and actuators influence such measures and eventually how the measures influence the selection and placement of sensors and actuators.

The selection of sensors and actuators has usually depended greatly on the designer's system knowledge, however, in recent years more focus has been made on developing tools to aid the designer during this phase as processes are becoming more complex and difficult to assess.

The ultimate output of this PhD study is an analytical tool which answers the question: what is the minimal number of actuators and sensors applied such that the desired specification is met. This gives a unique possibility to implement the cheapest solution for a given control problem.

Effective start/end date15/11/200614/11/2009


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