Sustainable Development Strategies for Central America (SUDESCA)

  • Lindegaard, Klaus (Project Participant)
  • Müller, Jens (Project Participant)
  • johnson, Bjørn (Project Participant)
  • Gregersen, Birgitte (Project Participant)
  • Madsen, Dorte Norgaard (Project Participant)
  • Remmen, Arne (Project Participant)

Project Details


The SUDESCA project is an ongoing joint research project between Centro International de Politíca Económica para el Desarollo Sostenible (CINPE), Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica and IKE & Centre for Environment and Development, Aalborg University, Denmark. The project includes research collaboration with Escuela de Economia, Universidad de El Salvador, Fundación Nacional para el Desarollo (FUNDE), El Salvador and Escuela de Economia Agricola (ESECA), Universidad Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN), Nicaragua. The SUDESCA project aims at the enhancement of the Central American research capacity within the areas of systems of innovation analysis and the implementation of cleaner technology. The project includes a PhD programme on the economics of technological and institutional change and is financed by the ENRECA programme (Enhancement of Research Capacity in Developing Countries) of Danida (Danish International Development Assistance), Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Klaus Lindegaard, Arne Remmen, Jens Müller, Dorte Norgaard Madsen; Bjørn Johnson, Birgitte Gregersen, Institut for Erhvervsstudier, AAU)
Effective start/end date19/05/201019/05/2013