Sustainable logistics in Nordic fresh food supply chains

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Food is essential to all humans and the food sector is a cornerstone for economic growth and wealth. In a sustainability perspective, the fresh food sector faces major challenges related to food waste generated along the supply chain, as well as the transportation generated due to the global characteristic of the sector.
Additionally the Nordic actors have to deal with challenges particular to our region; e.g. difficult climatic conditions, long geographical distances and scattered population. A consequence of today's inefficient and less than sustainable operations is a considerable amount of food waste in the supply chain and in consumer households due to expired products.
The LogiNord project aims to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of logistics in Nordic fresh food supply chains through new models, concepts and tools that will enhance COORDINATION and improve supply chain PLANNING and CONTROL.
Fresh food products are highly perishable and handled in supply chains that are fragmented, dynamic and seasonal in nature, and with specific Nordic characteristics. The novelty of this work is to develop collaborative frameworks, methods, models and tools for how to coordinate, plan and control the wide variety of activities.
A major outcome from LogiNord will be a framework for selecting the appropriate solution for coordination of planning and control to enhance logistics efficiency and sustainability.
Our ambition is to achieve highest scientific relevance of research outputs. In addition, a key strategy of LogiNord is close involvement of a broad industrial network. Results will be developed in close collaboration with major actors in the sector, helping them overcome some of their current challenges.
This will contribute to reducing waste, increasing quality delivered to
customers, reducing costs and in sum improve the industry's overall competitiveness.
The work package includes development og improved management technologies for the logistics in the supply chain, including the use of RFID technology for tracing variation in flow and temperature
The research will be carried out in close collaboration among Chalmers (Sweden), Aalto (Finland),
Aalborg (Denmark), and NTNU and SINTEF (Norway) where synergies among the partners will be utilised to further strengthen the Nordic research community within the field. The Danish Industrial partners in the project are Royal Greenland, Seawell and Andreas Andresen
The project is financed by Nordforsk.
Short titleFresh food logistics
Effective start/end date01/08/201031/07/2014


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