SWIM - Streaming Webbased Information Modules

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The vision behind the SWIM project is to develop a web-based multimedia programme that furthers the development of students' information literacy skills. The programme is designed as a contextually relevant, interactive tutorial, which is divided into well-defined modules and integrated in various web environments relevant to library users and teaching environments. The project objective is to support students in the acquisition of information literacy skills, particularly when using web-based information resources supported by Denmark's Electronic Research Library. The SWIM group will develop an easy to use tutorial consisting of modules that relate to relevant information resources, thus offering the user the possibility of just-in-time learning when using e.g. a specific database. Another objective is to secure the integration and use of those information resources and facilities that can be accessed through the research libraries in the teaching environments of the various educational institutions.
Effective start/end date01/10/200101/08/2004


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