SYNCHRONY - Synchronization of Parallel Single-Phase Inverters with Power Sharing Control

Project Details


Synchrony is collaborative industrial project between CROM and Sonnen, which addresses the main technical challenges associated with the development of synchronization methods and power-sharing control architectures for the use of parallel split- and single-phase inverters, interfacing photovoltaic systems and energy storage solutions applied to residential applications. Unit and system level control solutions are envisioned to be the main outcomes of this collaboration.

The research plan is structured as follows:
Development of the control structure for Sonnen units
Synchronization of Sonnen units
Design of power-sharing loops for parallel units
Autonomous SOC balancing for multiple inverters in parallel
Developing frequency shift techniques for PV curtailment
Developing current limiting for protection

Short titleSYNCHRONY
Effective start/end date01/06/202031/12/2023

Collaborative partners

  • Sonnen Inc


  • Private funding: DKK4,738,554.00


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