Systematic Understanding of Music

  • Jensen, Kristoffer, (Project Manager)
  • Graugaard, Lars, (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    The subject areas of the SUM project are "music", "emotion", "composition", and "realtime interaction", 
    with the purpose to: 
    1. develop methods for real-time detection of emotion categories in music, 
    2. implement these tools as add-ons for a commonly available music interaction platform, 
    3. conduct workshops and master classes to diffuse the background and easy understanding of their use 
    among performers and artists in the Nordic countries, 
    4. plan and carry through the comissioning, production and performance of works utilizing these tools in 
    combination with existing means for realtime music interaction, 
    5. present the concerts in all participating Nordic countries, 
    6. present the findings at seminars where researchers, performers, conductors, and musicians participate, 
    7. document all the above through articles, publications, on-line repositories, recordings and other means. 
    The work carried out in the SUM project will be based on the KTH rule system developed at Kungliga 
    Tekniska Högskolan, Stockolm, which analyses and models emotion in music. The basis for the KTH rule 
    system is music notation, and the SUM project aims to develop the KTH rule system to use audio input for 
    its analysis. The work will be unique on an international scale. 
    Annual activities of the SUM project: Local meetings; workshop with ensembles, conductors and 
    composer; masterclasses with students; concert performance; publication academic publications; 
    availability of materials in on-line repository.
    Effective start/end date01/08/200830/09/2011


    • Kulturkontakt Nord: DKK81,000.00


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