Tailoring the metal-nitride films for power electronics

  • Popok, Vladimir (Supervisor)
  • Kjelde, Christian (Project Manager)
  • Sandager, Mathilde Kammer (Project Participant)

Project Details


The project aims at establishing the magnetron sputtering technology parameters enabling to design and engineer thin metal-nitride (AlN, AlGaN and TiN) films with tailored and uniform properties across large (industrial scale) Si wafers. These materials are essential components of modern power transistors and diodes based on III-N semiconductors as well as of novel supercapacitors, where TiN is used for electrodes. These power electronic devices, capable to provide efficient transformation and storage of electrical energy, are the key elements of modern renewable (wind- and solar-based) energy generators and electrical grid systems. Thus, the project results are expected to make a considerable contribution into the field of energy production, storage and efficiency being a part of ambitious and lasting green research initiatives.

Key findings

metal-nitride films with tailored and uniform properties across Si wafers
Effective start/end date01/10/202101/11/2024

Collaborative partners

  • Polyteknik A/S


  • thin metal-nitride films, reactive magnetron sputter deposition


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