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Research Anthology on Techno-Anthropological Contributions to Technology Assessment.
Editors: L. Botin and T. Børsen.
Concept: Technology Assessment (TA) has been around for the past 45 years and has ramified into a variety of approaches, understandings and methods/models. TA has had and has different foci such as organization, implementation, participation, use, ethics etc. (Grunwald 2014). Looking at the history of TA, one perceives almost the evolution of an organism becoming more and more complex and diverse and at the same time emergent and incumbent. This anthology will frame the various and diversified approaches to TA and discuss how Techno-Anthropology (TAN) can contribute to such endeavors. The aim is to present conceptual frameworks and tools for ‘quick and proper’ TA in socio-technical/techno-anthropological perspective. Techno-Anthropology is a fairly new research area (2011) that perceives technologies as socio-technical arrangements that studies the human/technology interface in various ways, with the purpose of promoting and enhancing sustainable, responsible and robust technological innovation, development and implementation. This has been presented in volumes on Techno-Anthropology, such as What is Techno-Anthropology? (Aalborg University Press 2013) “Techno-Anthropology” (special issue in Techné -2015) and Techno-Anthropology in Health Informatics. (IOS Press 2015). This anthology will add new layers to characterization of Techno-Anthropology by explicitly linking TAN to TA on both a conceptual and practical level. The various TA’s in Techno-Anthropological perspective can contribute to technological foresighting/ techno-future imageries and thereby substantiate decision-making on both a policy and design level. We have identified different TA approaches and would like to include chapters on most of these approaches presented in TAN perspective:
•Social Construction of Technology in TA perspective
•Comprehensive TA
•Medical TA
•Hermeneutic TA
•Participatory TA
•Hybrid imagination/holistic TA
•Phenomenological/post-phenomenological TA
•Ethical TA
•Müller’s TA
•Danish Board of Technology Foundation approach to TA
•Danish Technological Institute approach to TA
•Danish Society of Engineers work on TA
Please send an abstract of max. 300 words to and by the 1st October 2016.
Two days research seminar in medio-November 2016
Full chapters (5000-7000 words) by the 1st January 2017
The book will be published on IOS Press, Lexington Books or Aalborg University Press.
Effective start/end date26/07/201626/01/2018