Technological Choice for Sustainable District Heating in Denmark: Structure, Agency and Exergy Outcomes in a Contemporary Malthusian System

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The project will examine the cultural processes by which ideas about sustainability translate into concrete technological choices in the district heating sector.

Ideological positions about energy sustainability varies widely in the community of individuals that work with district heating. The suppression or advancement of concrete technologies by individual actors is inherently a social phenomenon and negotiations within and between organizations and interest groups that shape the future of district heating is dynamic and ongoing.

The project seeks to describe the ideological variability concerning sustainability in a representative sample of individuals and organizations that shape the future of district heating. The uncovered variability will be used as inputs in a parametric optimization study of model future district heating systems. The resulting models will have their degrees of sustainability compared using Exergy analysis tools, and the results will then form the point of departure for an anthropological discussion of energy sustainability within a Malthusian framework.

Funding: Department of Energy Technology.
Effective start/end date01/04/201831/03/2021


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