The Automatic Pooltrainer

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The Automatic Pool Trainer project is developed by the Speech and Multimedia Communications (SMC) research group at the Department of Communication technology and students at the Intelligent Multimedia masters programme. It's aim is to research and demonstrate multi modal user interaction as well as serve as a pedagogical platform for students. The current version of the APT features spoken in- and output, as well as visual detection of the pool balls. The setup consists of a pool table, cues and balls, etc. In the ceiling above the pool table a projector and a camera are mounted. The projector points downwards and uses the surface of the pool table as a display, drawing shapes (e.g. lines and circles etc. See figure 1). It also displays menus or an animated interface agent "James", with whom the user can use spoken interaction. The camera captures the positions and movements of the balls, which is used as input to the control system using computer vision techniques. The camera also detects activity in four "hotspots", where the user can press "virtual buttons" to navigate a menu system. The interface agent is capable of moving around on the screen and e.g. point to various objects. The training programme consists of more than a hundred different exercises, organised in ten Sections. The objective of all exercises are to shoot the target ball in a specified pocket and position the cue ball in a specific position (denoted the target). The exercises differ in the topic they address and the level of skill required. The Pool Trainer will guide the user in explaining the exercise and indicate how to perform the shot. It also maintains a user profile, which keeps track of the exercise the user has performed previously, and the score s/he obtained.The pool trainer was a part of Aalborg Universitys Science Festival exhibition in 2004, where more than 200 users from the age 6 and up tried it.
Effective start/end date19/05/201031/12/2017


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