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The work include establishment of a digital model of the Energy Island, from where a physical scaled version was 3D printed. With the help of 3D printing, the ideas and visions for the energy island can be brought close to students and teachers. The physical model was modularly constructed enabling it to be moved, reconfigured and expanded. Besides printing materials, the project required extended cleaning and maintenance of our 3D printing equipment. The digital model was created from renders of the energy island and knowledge from researchers and students. The physical model will contribute to promoting science and interdisciplinary work, through enabling others to develop plug-in island modules, and finally, it strengthens innovation activities between different levels of education, knowledge institutions, and companies.
Short titleEnergy Island
Effective start/end date01/05/202130/04/2022


  • Esbjerg Seminarium Uddannelsesfond: DKK60,000.00


  • Innovation
  • Green Energy
  • 3D Print
  • PtX
  • Energy Island


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