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Launched in 2012 with a founding grant from The Velux Foundation, the Humanomics Research Centre is a meta-research unit focused on studying the academic and societal networks of humanities scholarship and beyond. Humanomics fosters multi-disciplinary collaborations to help produce evidence and insights that increase the understanding and value of humanities in society. By serving as a lens that both focuses and helps understand the impact of humanities on a wide range of societal fields (from media and culture to policymaking and business), we hope to enhance the public discourse and advance the development of research policies and practices that maximize the use and uptake of humanities in society.

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Short titleSponsored by The Velux Foundation
Effective start/end date01/09/201631/12/2021

Collaborative partners

  • David Budtz Pedersen (Project partner)
  • Frederik Stjernfelt
  • Finn Collin
  • Claus Emmeche
  • Simo Køppe
  • Anne-Marie Mai
  • Uffe Østergaard
  • Svend Østergaard
  • Lasse Johannson
  • Jonas Grønvad
  • Hans Siggaard Jensen
  • Andrea Svennevig Hyldig
  • Rebecca Sparre Wandall


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