The Microbiome of Denmark

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Identification of life is essential to our understanding of the world. Traditionally, the focus has been on objects we can recognize with our eyes, such as plants and animals. However, in the last decades it has become evident that microorganisms, small cells invisible to the naked eye, are involved in all aspects of our lives. From making us sick or keeping us healthy, to climate change and sustainable biotechnology production.

Microflora Danica is aiming to describe the microbiome of Denmark. Our ambition is to discover and characterize the microbial diversity across all parts and habitats of Denmark through the analysis of 10.000 representative samples.
AcronymMicroflora Danica
Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2025


  • Poul Due Jensen Foundation: DKK18,922,033.00
  • Poul Due Jensen Foundation: DKK9,439,426.00
  • Poul Due Jensen Foundation: DKK6,000,000.00


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