The structure of ash from combustion of domestic waste.

  • Pedersen, Jørgen Houe, (Project Participant)
  • Stoltze, Per, (Project Participant)

Project Details


The major product of combustion of domestic waste in powerplants is ash. One of the future goals is use the ash in an enviromentally responsible manner e.g as a substitute for gravel in the construction of roads. The major unsolved problem is that a number of metals are readily leached from the ash by water.     In the project we are investigating the structure of the ash by x-ray diffraction and by electron microscopy. The idea is that if we know the structure and composition of the oxides and metallic phases in the ash, the origin of the soluble heavy metals will become clear. The project is a cooperation between Babcock-Wilcox-Vølund, Esbjerg , and Aalborg University , Esbjerg . Researchers: Jørgen Houe Pedersen, Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Per Stoltze, Aalborg University, Esbjerg,                        
Effective start/end date19/11/200519/11/2010