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Based on a number of databases containing information on the strength properties of timber members, statistic analyses are made to determine the statistic characteristics (distribution type, characteristic value and coefficient of variation). Next, a stochastic/mechanical model of representative timber trusses and roof elements is built. The random length variations of the strength are taken into account, among others. These models are used for identification of the statical properties of the load-carrying capacity of the structural systems and thus for evaluation of the system effect in these timber structures. In this connection the size of the partial safety factors is evaluated for such timber members and timber structures where a system effect can be predicted. Finally, stochastic models for description of long-term strength and safety of structural timber are set up. The project is funded by Danish Forest Product Development Fund and COST action E24: Reliability of Timber Structures.
Effective start/end date01/04/200131/03/2003