Transatlantic - A Cultural Text Studies Approach

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    A volume on transatlantic literary and cultural text studies, containing the following chapters:Clearing the Field, Crossing the Ocean (Introductory chapter, survey of the field, placement of work within field); Transatlantic Themes in American Generational Writings of the 1920s (Hemingway, Fitzgerald); Nella Larsen: Belonging Nowhere; T.S. Eliot's Romanian Echoes; J.D. Salinger's Sergeant X: Returning with all your F-A-C-U-L-T-I-E-S intact? (For Esmé, with Love and Squalor); Begging the Question in Kerouac's Quest for Roots; Jane Fonda in Space or in France?; Exile and Roving: Representations of Diaspora Identities in Van Morrison's Lyrics; Raymond Federman: Future and Past Memory; Coupland's Europe: Eurotrash vs. the All-American Girl; Measuring, Traversal and Transit
    Effective start/end date01/09/200401/08/2006


    • Quicksand; The Waste Land; Satori in Paris; Barbarella; The Twofold Vibration: Shampoo Planet; Mason & Dixon