TriaDis - Trials on Distributed Speech Recognition for Mobile Network Embedded Voice-Controlled Services

Project Details


Speech and Multimedia Communication The main goal of TriaDis is to validate, through Trials with selected group of end-users, the "DSR" improvement in terms of performance and usability on voice-controlled server embedded in a real Mobile Network (GSM, DCS-1800). The DSR concept has been recently introduced, designed and evaluated by the TSI-AURORA Group with the target to make a standard. Hence TriaDis plans to implement "DSR" on a real server application accessed by any mobile terminal and perform validation trials. Indeed no real-context trials have been done but only tests on simulated environments in the frame of TSI-AURORA. Moreover the Consortium possess an important background allowing to get ready in a very short-term a validation platform after adaptation from an existing Terminal prototype platform and speech-controlled dialogue application (L&H, CPK). If successful, high exploitation of TriaDis results is expected by the Consortium. Due to a manpower shortage in the SMC-group, CPK has later withdrawn from the TriaDis project, which was discontinued in March 2001. (Lars Bo Larsen, Paul Dalsgaard, Bo Bai)
Effective start/end date31/12/200131/12/2001