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English summary:
This proposal presents a fundamentally new capacitor that has the potential to achieve an order of magnitude lifetime and energy density, and flexibility in varying capacitance compared to the existing technologies developed in the last 100 years. The two-terminal active capacitor is based on semiconductors and power electronics switching circuits, which does not rely on dielectrics (e.g., electrolyte), suffered from degradation issue any more. By taking advantage of latest Si and wide bandgap semiconductor devices and power electronic based solid-state circuits, it is possible to achieve an order of magnitude lifetime and energy density with times of capacitance values, which is otherwise, cannot be achieved by conventional ways.
Capacitors is a multi-billion dollar industry. The invented active capacitor can be used to replace passive capacitors in general power electronic applications. Thereby making it applicable for major market segments includes power supplies, power transmission and distribution, drives, inverters, motors, etc. Producing these new two-terminal active capacitor device, require standard electrical production skills. The products can easily be implemented in current production facilities, or form the basis of a start-up.
The invented technology is 100 % hold by AAU, while it is under patent pending. The applicants plan to go for a start-up with this commercial technology. In order to show the business potential of the invented active capacitor, the understandable description of the technology/idea and quantitative benchmarking with the existing technologies are investigated in this proposal. Business plan and marketing strategies are also discussed.

Danish summary:
Denne ansøgning præsenterer en fundamentalt ny kondensator, der har potentiale til at opnå en størrelsesorden levetid og energitæthed og fleksibilitet i varierende kapacitans i forhold til de eksisterende teknologier udviklet i de sidste 100 år. Den to-terminale aktive kondensator er baseret på halvledere og strømelektronik-omkoblingskredsløb, der ikke er afhængige af dielektrikum (for eksempel elektrolyt), som mere lider under nedbrydningsproblemet. Ved at udnytte de nyeste Si og Wide Bandgap halvleder-enheder og strøm-elektroniske baserede solid state kredsløb er det muligt at opnå en størrelsesorden levetid og energitæthed med tider af kapacitansværdier, hvilket ellers ikke kan opnås ved konventionelle måder.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2019


  • Aalborg University: DKK500,000.00


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