Two-terminal Active Capacitor

Project Details


The project aims to explore the commercialization potentials of an IP-protected technology – Two-terminal active capacitor, which disrupts the existing capacitor technologies and brings promising potentials to the existing and emerging market, and to bring the technology from TRL4 to TRL7. It will be built up based on the results of an invented technology validated in labs, having the potential to bringing 50 % volume and weight reduction and 100 % lifetime extension compared with commonly used capacitors in the market. Key activities during the project will be: 1) investigation of the capacitor market to decide the intended market for active capacitors with quantitative design specifications; and 2) two commercial-level active capacitor products for high power rating and low power rating applications will be designed and packaged individually to fulfill the market requirements. The outcomes will enable the active capacitors from prototype to the product on commercial level, and finally reach the goals of spin-out company.
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/03/2021


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