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In order to secure cities and their urban drainage systems against climate change detailed and reliable high resolution rainfall measurements are crucial. Today, the measurements are infected by errors and uncertainty of the rainfall estimates is unknown. Rainfall measurements are used to determine loads on drainage systems during rainfall, but as the rainfall estimates are uncertain the load predictions becomes uncertain. Moreover, new developments has made it possible to apply rainfall measurements in real time to forecast loads of drainage systems, and by implementation of intelligent real time control systems, it is possible to prevent or alert failures such as flooding. Again if, the rainfall estimates are uncertain the drainage system forecasts become uncertain. By combining weather radar data, rain gauge data, and data from numerical weather prediction models, this project seeks to quantify the spatio-temporal variability of rainfall and to quantify the uncertainties related to these measurements. It is hereby possible to investigate potentials for real time control of drainage systems, and therefore this project provides an important part in climate adaption of drainage systems. Hereby much more reliable data is introduced which leads to more reliable computation of the real loads of drainage systems.
Effective start/end date01/08/201131/07/2013


  • Rainfall
  • Rainfall Extremes
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Climate Change
  • Radar
  • Rain Gauges
  • Precipiration


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