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    More than ever, our time is characterised by rapid changes in the organisation and the production of knowledge. This movement is deeply rooted in the evolution of the scientific endeavour, as well as in the impact of the transformation of the political, economic and even cultural organisation of society. The production of scientific knowledge is changing both with regard to the internal development of science and technology, and with regard to the function and role science and technology fulfil in society. Traditionally, educational studies in mathematics and science education have looked at changes in education from within the scientific disciplines and in the closed context of the classroom. We try to understand some of the multiple aspects and dimensions of the transition of science and mathematics education in the current informational society. We will analyse some of the complexities involved in these changes. Therefore we will explore four different dimensions of change. First, we consider changes in the processes of teaching and learning. Secondly, we consider experience of cultural changes in universities. Thirdly, we consider structural and administrative changes. Fourthly, we consider changes in the conception of science, in particular concerning the relationship between scientific development and social development in general. A main output from this study will be an edited book including contributions from a variety of authors who have contributed to the DCN-project.
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