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The project is motivated by a need for test and validation of critical technological risk for conversion of urban waste streams to green transportation fuels for the heavy transport sector by Hydrofaction®, and thereby to bring it to a maturity level where it constitutes an attractive pathway for Aalborg Forsyning Renovation to dispose off sorted organic household waste. Furthermore, and in combination with the above, to demonstrate the potential of Hydrofaction® to Aalborg Forsyning Kloak as an effective circular solution for sewage sludge. For both, to do so with high energy and phosphorous recovery as well as full removal of environmentally harmful components from product streams thereby providing an attractive circular solution that is superior to existing pathways.
Short titleUrban Waste
Effective start/end date01/09/2019 → 31/05/2021

Collaborative partners

  • Steeper Energy ApS
  • Reno-Nord
  • Aalborg Forsyning, Kloak A/S
  • Aalborg Forsyning, Renovation


  • EUDP: DKK17,098,959.00


  • HTL
  • Hydrofaction
  • sewage sludge
  • sorted organic household waste


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