Heat Plan Denmark 2021 - A Climate Neutral Heat Supply

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Denmark has a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% in 2030 compared to 1990 and a goal of climate neutrality in 2050. Heat Plan Denmark 2021 is a concrete proposal for what should happen in the Danish heating sector in order to implement the green transition in a technically, economically and environmentally appropriate way in 2030 (VPDK-30) as well as in 2045 (VPDK-45). With "Varmeplan Danmark 2021" it is shown that the heating sector can be transformed quickly and with technologies that are already available on the market:

36-40% energy savings in the building stock are important. We need to find the right balance between energy savings and energy efficiencies and renewable energy. 36% energy savings provide economic savings of more than 1.1-1.3 billion kroner and 40% provide the most biomass savings
District heating should be expanded 63-70% as we shut down natural gas and oil-fired boilers. Outside the district heating areas, heat should come from individual heat pumps. This combination provides the most energy efficient and flexible solution, which at the same time must reduce the biomass and the amount of wind turbines.
In the district heating supply, a targeted focus should be placed on the transition to 4th generation district heating with lower temperatures. It provides the lowest costs (100-200 million DDK) and the most efficient use of geothermal energy, surplus heat, efficient electrification through large heat pumps and existing and new heat storage. Up to 2 TWh biomass can spare parts.
In the energy system of the future, there is great potential for geothermal and surplus heat from industry, data centers and Power2X. These opportunities should be exploited. In the plan, 44% utilizes the total potential.

To be able to achieve these points requires planning - and therefore all municipalities are encouraged to prepare a strategic energy plans, where the possibilities for district heating expansions, heat savings and new heat sources MUST be investigated.

As part of the project both reports and mapping tools have been developed (in Danish). You can find them here: www.energyplan.eu/varmeplandk.
Short titleHeat Plan Denmark 2021
Effective start/end date01/09/202008/10/2021


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