Video Life Cycle Data Management

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This projects explores how to support researchers working in educational studies and who are using video for data collection to identify sustainable systems that support the data lifecycle of the video data. Part of this pilot project will be to produce guidelines for a video data management plan to provide a structured way of thinking about video research data collection and processing, including the type of research data a research project will produce, the format it will will use, the storage it will require and how the data can be accessed. Such a data management plan will require considerations regarding: Data description; Establishment of existing data; Format of data; Metadata; Storage and backup requirements; Security; Responsibility; Intellectual and property rights; Access and sharing; Audience; Selection and retention periods; Archiving and preservation; Ethics and privacy. Since issues of video-based research are common in several fields, the pilot project’s outcomes will be disseminated as a technical and organizational model for research cooperation in these other fields.
Short titleVDM
Effective start/end date01/08/201631/12/2018


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