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During Fall 2020 hybrid flexible video-mediated teaching was conducted at AAU (due to the Covid19 pandemic). It allowed some students to be on campus, others to attend classes from home. The AV / VK system management steering group initiated an evaluation which was conducted by the Research Center for Video, to see potentials and barriers, both from a pedagogical and technical perspective, and to gain knowledge about the experiences among the students, teachers and administration of the studies. The study involved 666 students, 183 lecturers and 36 study administrative staff, i.e. 885 in total, who answered that they have used the HyFlex model. Because it is far from all educations that have used the HyFlex model in the fall, it is estimated that the survey provides a representative picture.
AcronymVAAU HyFlex
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2021


  • Videoconference
  • HyFlex
  • Education
  • Survey
  • Hybrid
  • Video-mediated teaching
  • online learning


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