Advancement of Hydrofaction technology platform to commercial readiness

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Steeper Energy and Aalborg University are partnering in a project designed to pave the road towards the construction and operation of a bio-refinery at Frederikshavn Havn - at this point thought to be the world’s first - that will use Steeper's proprietary Hydrofaction™ technology to manufacture low-sulfur marine propulsion fuel.
The project will include demonstrating internal heat recovery from hot product to cold feed streams as well as on-line feed conditioning and mixing, and product separation stages to provide a single bio-crude stream. These process stages will be implemented in the CBS1 hydrothermal liquefaction research unit at AAU. Once implemented, the complete process will be demonstrated on relevant lignocellulosic feedstreams to produce bio-crude.
Effective start/end date01/07/201430/06/2017


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