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In offshore oil & gas processes, accurate measurement and estimation of mass flow rate is crucial for the separation efficiency, and the daily production rate. However, in the multi-phase transportation pipelines the flow is hard to measure, especially when the water cut and gas volume fraction (GVF) varies with time, eg. during a slug cycle. The project focuses on estimating the gas and liquid mass flow rates based on an ABB virtual flow meter (VFM). The VFM is based on temperature and pressure measurements which then estimate the flow rate in the given vertical pipeline section (either a well or riser). It is a relatively cheap hardware solution as it is solely based on traditional measurement methods. During the project the flow meter will be used as a framework to demonstrate how precise the flow can be estimated under a variety of scenarios.
Effective start/end date01/11/201831/01/2019

Collaborative partners

  • Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center (DHRTC)