Project Details


The purpose of the project is to document the Weptos technology for utilization of wave energy so it can be put into practice on a realistic and economically cost-effective basis. More specifically, the current focus is to continue work based on the results gained in Phase 1 (previous ForskEl project No 2011-1-10576), which focused on the physical lab. tests of the Weptos large-scale laboratory model and provided detailed information regarding the power performance potential.

Phase 2 (which is the objective of the current application) has the objective to design, optimize, test and engineer the rotors and power take-off, as well as the main structure, of the device. This will provide a detailed description of the costs and provide a full scale Weptos design ready for construction phase (Phase 3) at project completion.
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/01/2015