Whey Proteins from milk

Project Details


We are interested in the study of complex protein systems. These protein systems are a challenge because of the increasing amount of factors influencing the behaviour of the proteins involved. We are interested in the study and recognition of the factors responsible for gelation. The main application of the whey protein fraction is in sour drinks, as additives in yoghurt and various protein containing drinks. The different applications of the additives imply different behaviour of the added protein fraction. In the case of a protein drink the consistency of the drink should be clear and not turbid. In the case of yoghurt and sour dinks the additive should assist the texture formation by increasing the gelation ability of the drink. Under some circumstances the additives need long resting times until the gelation starts. The additive itself is a complex mixture of proteins contributing in different ways to the observed behaviour. These different demands on the protein product itself is at the core of this project. Therefore in depth knowledge about the behaviour and relevant factors influencing the gelation (aggregation) is essential. Whey proteins constitute a real system being in use and the study of such a system is of industrial relevance. The study is directed towards the elucidation of the relevant factors which determine the aggregation behaviour. This study is coupled tightly with our interest in protein electrostatics and protein stability programme. It also involves protein informatics to study the structures and to achieve an atomic level model about the aggregation. (Peter Fojan, Jane B. Pedersen, Steffen B. Petersen)
Effective start/end date19/05/201019/05/2013