• Mihovska, Albena D. (Project Participant)

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The main objectives of WINNER are to:

  • identify and analyse challenging user and usage scenarios to derive requirements for the WINNER radio interface
  • define radio interface technologies needed for a ubiquitous radio system concept
  • define radio network topologies and deployment concepts for the provision of a ubiquitous coverage area
  • define radio level co-operation mechanisms between different Radio Access Networks (RANs)
  • define a single ubiquitous radio access system concept, scalable and adaptable to different short range and wide area scenarios
  • investigate the propagation conditions and to develop related radio channel models
  • develop methods for efficient and flexible spectrum use and spectrum sharing
  • contribute to the development of spectrum demand estimation methods in preparation for the World Radio Communication Conference (WRC) 2007
Effective start/end date19/05/201001/10/2012


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