Work and Organizational Psychology with regard to Relationship based Learning – A new Model for Doctor Development.

  • Frischer, Josef (Project Participant)

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Project purpose:To detect, form and develop individual as well as organizational method and approaches for the advancement of learning for medical doctors Project description:The master-apprentice approach for the development of new doctors has been the standard procedure for their learning for decades- or has it?   An investigation health care personnel in the western part of Sweden has shown that the majority of doctors have not received adequate to any supervision during their development. Their working climate for learning and teaching is extremely stressed and production oriented. There is little time for reflection and learning. This climate has created a context whereby sharing mistakes, concerns, and problems are taboo. And the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitudes has not been effective. This stress is causing doctors to feel inadequate and complacent.  In Sweden the National Board for Health and Welfare requires doctors to have formal supervision however the hospitals are not prioritizing it and have no standard procedures for it. It is within this context that a new program was created to improve the learning process between senior doctors and their interns and residents. This project builds on an action learning and self reflective approach to support senior doctors to create their own systematic and structured learning strategies and processes.  The pedagogical approach and the models for supervision and for learning used in this program will be presented and analyzed in relation to organization and learning theory.50 doctors have participated in this new program and have now created clear and defined relationships with their supervisees. Many of the doctors have initiated changes in their organization needed to support the demands of the supervision.  In addition, efforts are now being taken to institutionalize supervisory processes in one of the hospitals  
Effective start/end date01/01/200231/12/2005


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