"WorkIn3D" - Development of an application for sedentary office workers

  • Pielmeier, Ulrike Sabine (Project Manager)
  • Johansen, Toke Hartmann (Project Participant)
  • Lassen, Lasse Engberg Treu (Project Participant)

Project Details


Office workers often sit for long periods in the same position, often in front of a computer screen. Scientific studies have found that the sedentary workflow in offices is problematic, as it increases the likelihood of metabolic diseases and decreases productivity. Space in offices may be sparse, and the possibilities for physical exercise during the working day are therefore limited. Through the project "WorkIN3D" a solution has been developed for the above issue. The solution is a software application that, using a built-in algorithm and based on some user information, can suggest short exercises that can be performed in short breaks (max 2 minutes) in an office workplace. The exercises are tailored to the needs of each user (such as mouse arm, knee or back pain) and are performed by following the instructions from short video playback. The exercises should have a positive effect on the maintenance of the human movement as well as recovering the concentration after a short break, and the implementation does not require either clothing or advanced training equipment. In addition, the application shows whether the minimum physical activity recommended by the Health Board is reached by the end of the working day.
Funded with 60,000 DKK by Spar Nord Fonden.
Effective start/end date01/04/201631/12/2016


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