A High Step-Up Interleaved DC-DC Converter with Voltage Multiplier and Coupled Inductors for Renewable Energy Systems

Mamdouh L. Alghaythi*, Robert M. O'Connell, Naz E. Islam, Mohammed Masum Siraj Khan, Josep M. Guerrero

*Corresponding author

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This paper proposes a new interleaved non-isolated high step-up dc-dc converter for interfacing renewable energy applications. The proposed converter achieves a very high step-up voltage gain by using two coupled inductors and a voltage multiplier cell. This topology utilizes the interleaved boost converter in the input side, and the input current is shared with low ripple. Moreover, a voltage multiplier cell with the secondary windings of the coupled inductors is employed in the output side to achieve the interleaved energy storage. The voltage stress on the semiconductor switches and the passive components is significantly reduced and lower than the output voltage. The aforementioned converter can be operated without an extreme duty cycle or a high turns ratio. The reverse recovery problem of the diodes is mitigated, and the leakage energy is recycled. Furthermore, by implementing low-voltage-rated MOSFETs with a small ON-resistance, the conduction losses can be reduced, and the efficiency can be improved. The topology is fed by a single input voltage, and the mathematical expression is methodically explored. The operation principle of the proposed converter and the comparison between the proposed converter with other topologies are discussed. The design, parameters selection, and experimental results are thoroughly introduced. A 32 to 800 V-dc is verified and simulated by using PLECS. Consequently, a 400 W hardware prototype is verified to validate the theory and the design.
Original languageEnglish
Article number9133374
JournalIEEE Access
Pages (from-to)123165-123174
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2020


  • Coupled inductors
  • high efficiency
  • high step-up dc-dc converter
  • high voltage gain
  • interleaved boost converter
  • PV
  • renewable energy systems
  • voltage multiplier

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