A Switched Quasi-Z-Source Inverter with Continuous Input Currents

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Impedance source converters as single-stage power conversion alternatives can boost and regulate the output voltages of renewable energy sources. Nevertheless, they, also known as Z-source inverters (ZSIs), still suffer from limited voltage gains and higher stresses across the components. To tackle such issues, extra diodes, passive components, and active switches can be utilized in the basic ZSIs. In this paper, a modified switched-quasi-Z-source inverter (S-qZSI) is proposed, which features continuous input currents and high boosting capability to boost output voltage by minor modifications of a prior-art topology. Furthermore, the voltage stress of the active switches is reduced, which contributes to a lower cost. The operation principles are discussed comprehensively. The performance of the proposed ZSI in terms of conversion ratio, voltage gain, and stresses on the power switches and capacitors is benchmarked with selected ZSIs. Finally, simulations and experimental tests substantiate the theoretical analysis and superior performance
Original languageEnglish
Article number1390
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 17 Mar 2020



  • Z-source inverter
  • impedance source inverter
  • quasi Z-source inverter
  • switched boost inverter
  • continuous input current
  • DC–AC inverter
  • Switched boost inverter
  • Continuous input current
  • Impedance source inverter
  • Quasi Z-source inverter
  • DC-AC inverter

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