Actuator System with Dual Chambers

Nick Ilsø Berg (Inventor), Rasmus Koldborg Holm (Inventor), Peter Omand Rasmussen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention relates to an actuator system with a magnetic lead screw (50), comprises a magnetic rotor (5) and a translator cylinder (2), the translator cylinder (2) comprises a magnetic stator (16), the translator cylinder (2) has a closed first end (14) and a second end confined by a lid (8), the lid having a shaft opening (17) for a shaft (6) coupled to the magnetic rotor (5), wherein the magnetic rotor (5), when inserted in the translator cylinder (2), is arranged to translate a linear movement of the translator cylinder (2) into a rotational movement of the magnetic rotor by using magnetic flux (82) interacting between the magnetic stator and the magnetic rotor, said rotational movements is being transferred through a shaft (6), the lid (8) with a shaft opening (17) arranged for receiving the shaft (6), wherein the shaft is arranged to make both the linear and the rotational movement in the shaft opening (17), the lid (8) being arranged for confining the second end (15) of the translator cylinder (2), the translator cylinder confined by the lid (8) forms,when divided by the magnetic rotor (5), a first chamber (TC) with a first volume and a second chamber(BC) with a second volume, wherein the first volume and the second volume changes as a function of the linear movement. The invention also relates to a method of operating an actuator system with a magnetic lead screw.
Original languageEnglish
IPCH02K 49/10 (2006.01)
Patent numberWO/2015/070869
Filing date21/05/2015
Priority date12/11/2013
Priority numberPA 2013 70669
Publication statusPublished - May 2015


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Berg, N. I., Holm, R. K., & Rasmussen, P. O. (2015). IPC No. H02K 49/10 (2006.01). Actuator System with Dual Chambers. (Patent No. WO/2015/070869).