Bootstrapping Product-Service Business: An Experimental Data-Driven Approach

Kuan-Lin Chen, Chen LI, Charles Møller

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Digital servitization is gradually having the operational impacts in conventional B2B manufacturing firms, because the firms’ operational focus needs to move towards product-service excellence. In this particular scenario, practitioners experience the causality dilemma and are often trapped in so-called servitization paradox. This experimental study intends to demonstrate how to overcome such dilemma. A data-driven approach is used to provide solid evidences about business potentials to be considered when taking on further operational actions. Design science research method is used to develop a product-service platform. Taking with the service-dominant (S-D) logic thinking, we consolidate the heterogeneous data, from the internal ERP system and the external Internet of Things/Internet of Services platforms. The intention is to promote product-service thinking cross the organization through this platform and recognize value-adding tasks to pursue product-service business goals. Our approach was tested with industrial data from a Danish manufacturing firm.
Original languageEnglish
JournalISPIM Conference Proceedings
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventXXX ISPIM Innovation Conference
: Celebrating Innovation - 500 Years Since Da Vinc
- Florence, Italy
Duration: 16 Jun 201919 Jun 2019


ConferenceXXX ISPIM Innovation Conference
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  • digital servitization, advanced services, digitalization, design science research, a data-driven approach


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