Calculation of Vertical Temperature Gradients in Heated Rooms

H. Overby, Mogens Steen-Thøde

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    This paper deals with a simple model which predicts the vertical temperature gradient in a heated room. The gradient is calculated from a dimensionless temperature profile which is determined by two room air temperatures only, the mean temperature in the occupied zone and the mean temperature in the zone above the occupied zone. A model to calculate the two air temperatures has been developed and implemented in Suncode- PC, a thermal analysis programme for residential and small commercial buildings.
    The dimensionless temperature profile based on measurements in a laboratory test room is presented, and the improvement of the programme is validated by comparing laboratory measurements with simulated results
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationAalborg
    PublisherDept. of Building Technology and Structural Engineering
    Number of pages15
    Publication statusPublished - 1990
    SeriesIndoor Environmental Technology

    Bibliographical note

    Presented at ROOMVENT '90, International Conference on Engineering Aero- and Thermodynamics of Ventilated Rooms, Oslo, June 1990

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    • Vertical Temperature Gradients
    • Convective Flows


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