Characteristics of Buoyant Flow from Open Windows in Naturally Ventilated Rooms

Peter V. Nielsen, Henrik Dam, Lars C. Sørensen, Kjeld Svidt, Per Heiselberg

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An important element in the natural ventilation design procedure is the flow-pressure characteristics of a window with a -given opening area. The flow in the room is another important element that is often ignored in the design phase due to lack of relevant information on the air movement. This paper shows the outcome of experiments with the room air distribution. The results show that the velocity distribution in the occupied zone can be described by a semiempirical model.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAalborg
PublisherDept. of Building Technology and Structural Engineering, Aalborg University
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2000
SeriesIndoor Environmental Engineering

Bibliographical note

Proceedings of ROOMVENT 2000, 7th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, Reading, UK, July 9-12, 2000, Vol. 2, pp. 825-830

PDF for print: 12 pp.


  • Ventilation
  • Buoyant Flow
  • Open Windows
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Displacement Ventilation
  • Stratified Flow
  • Air Distribution


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