Communication as practice

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    According to Schatzki "Practice" brings into view activities which are situated, corporeal, and shaped by habits without reflection. This notion has been extraordinarily successful and has now been extended to cover every sort of human activity” (Schatzki 2001:2). And I would like to add that every sort of human activity also include communication as practice. Inspired by Bakhtin, I believe that dialogical relationship is almost a universal phenomenon that permeates all human speech and in general all relationships and manifestations of human life, and "everything in life is dialogue", (Dysthe 2003: --- Bakhtin, 1963:59). And furthermore, “all the diverse areas of human activity involve the use of language”, (Bakhtin 1986:60).
    Based on a practice theoretical lens combined with Mikhail Bakhtin's dialogic concept, I will in this article develop a number of analytical notions to the analysis of communicational practices within conversations contexts. Based on Bakhtin’s thought, I understand any conversation as a sociocultural communicative practice. In this concept, the focus will be on how participants via interaction create meaning. In order to elaborate and examine these notions, I will include some empirical examples from a conversation between teachers and parents in a school context.
    Keywords: practice, practice theory, dialogue, Bakhtin, conversation analysis, communication as practice.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2014

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