Comparative Analysis between WiMAX and Fiber Optics Backhaul Network Deployment in Developing Countries - The Case of Ghana

Daniel Michael Okwabi Adjin, Idongesit Williams

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This paper discusses the potentials of mobile WiMAX as a backhaul technology in rural areas for the purpose of providing broadband internet services. Rural areas are known to be commercially unviable for the deployment of telecommunications services. Fixed network technologies are more expensive to deploy than mobile technologies. But in many developing countries, there is preference for the deployment of fiber optics rather than a broadband wireless solution for the deployment of broadband internet. Argument is made in this paper using the Expectation Confirmation Theory to reveal the level of satisfaction of mobile WiMAX compared to what Fiber optics would bring to rural areas in terms of broadband provisioning, Cost of access, Cost of deployment, Network accessibility and availability. The case of investigation is Northern Ghana due to the proliferation of rural areas in that region. The Methodology for this study took the form of a Case Study and Explanatory Research approaches. A number of participatory observations, interviews and several site visits were carried out to collect data. Qualitative method was used to analyze collected the data. The result is that, many potential wireless broadband users have no access to the existing Fibre Optic Cable backhaul access network in the rural due to lack of coverage. Finally, the contribution from this study is that, it is possible to deploy the 2.3GHz -2.6 GHz band of WiMAX Backhaul Access Network Technologies to provide Wireless Broadband Backhaul Access Network in rural areas in Ghana, as well as in other rural areas in developing countries.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2013
Publication statusPublished - 2013
EventWorld Wireless Research Forum 29 Meeting - Berlin, Germany
Duration: 23 Oct 201225 Oct 2012


ConferenceWorld Wireless Research Forum 29 Meeting


  • Wimax
  • 802.16e
  • Expectation confirmation theory


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