D2.3 - ENCOURAGE platform reference architecture

Luis Lino Ferreira, Luis Miguel Pinho, Michele Albano, Manuel Ramiro, Eduardo Faria, Rodrigo Ferreira, Earl Gaylard, Eamon Roarke, Lara Pérez Dueñas, Noemí Cano Gimeno, Thibaut Le Guilly, Per Printz Madsen, David Jorquera, Daniel Lux, Maarten Los

Research output: Book/ReportReportResearchpeer-review


This document describes the reference architecture of the ENCOURAGE platform, together with the interconnection of the platform with the external environment. The document is the outcome of task 2.3 (Design of System Architecture) of the ENCOURAGE project, and sets, together with the remaining documents produced in work package WP2, the framework for the detailed specification activities to be developed in the technical work packages of the project (WP3-WP6).
In order to provide the required background for the ENCOURAGE platform reference, the document describes the most relevant standards and standardization initiatives, in the areas addressed by ENCOURAGE. Also, related existing architectures are analysed for consistency and state-of-the-art survey. This allows for ENCOURAGE to build on current practice, innovating in its modularity, scalability and support for seamless interoperability of heterogeneous (both new and legacy) systems, by abstracting from the technologies within the buildings and supporting multiple independent gateways, creating the notion of a single abstract interface.
The document defines the overall architecture of the ENCOURAGE platform, presenting the structure and functionalities of the modules of the architecture logical blocks. Furthermore, the document defines the main interface standards to be used for interoperability. These functionalities and interfaces will then be specified in detail in work packages WP3-WP6.
Finally, the document provides the mapping of the requirements identified in Task 2.2, identifying which modules must implement the underlying functionality.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages101
Publication statusPublished - 10 May 2012

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