Dangerous Forms – Playing by the Visual Rules. Ecological Approach to Videogames as Activity

Betty Li Malvang Meldgaard

Research output: PhD thesis

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The purpose of the dissertation is to investigate the role of perception while palying videogames. The main thesis is that theories of perception have been largely overlooked within the videogame research field. The basic assumption is that to address the perceptual implications of game play, the typical notions of videogames with a focus on the narrative or ludic aspects, which have dominated the field, are not an appropriate outset for this type of study. The attempt her will be to look at videogames from a systemic framework in order to address the interdependent functionality of the elements present in the system as a whole, bringing both the elements present in the system as a whole, bringing both the constituents of the system and the perceptual accomodations of the player into view. The ecological approach will be integrated in an overall attempt to formulate a new framework for the understanding of the reciprocality of videogame - player system. The approach will be interdiciplinary with respect to an integrational view of videogames as human - computer systems wich afford specific types of activities and perceptual awareness. Eventually a new concept will emerge.
Original languageDanish
Place of PublicationInstitut for Kommunikation
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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